CSP Icon     William Orsborn | Certified Safety Professional (CSP) | Certificate #9082
Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) | Certificate #11116

Safety Management

Comprehensive Safety Management Systems

We develop, implement, and audit corporate and project-specific safety management systems, based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) and internationally recognized safety and health standards, such as the following:

• ANSI Z10 • OHSAS 18001 • ISO 45001 • Voluntary Protection
  Program (VPP)

People Looking at the Plans

On-Site Consultation

SafetyWISE comes to you to discuss the needs of your business and your expectations. After a thorough assessment and evaluation, we make recommendations about what you need for your company to comply with OSHA requirements.

Health & Safety Programs

We specialize in the following:

• Multi-Employer Work Sites
• Technology Safety
• Project Pre-Planning
• Hazard Assessments
• Site Inspections
• Program Audits

• Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Training For Continual Improvement
• Turning Around Broken or Languid OHS Programs
• Mentorship and Coaching of Future OHS Leaders

How We Do It

If you need to find workable next-steps to solve tough challenges that others avoid, rely on us. SafetyWISE uses excellent communication skills to inspire executives, management teams, and operations. We are proficient at team-building; staff management; OHS policy, procedure, and practice and; enterprise risk management. You will marvel at the innovative solutions we develop to get your business into regulatory compliance while maintaining operational productivity, efficiency, and quality. We work with your organization to make strategic moves to consistently ensure best-in-class safe work-practices for site, process hazard control, and incident prevention through each phase of your project.